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GYPSY   DREAMS - pastel 50cm x 70cm 2010


The background for this painting is from a photo taken on our farm in the early morning mist as the sun casts her golden beams of light through the ghostly eucalyptus trees.  Being a fan of the "Silver Brumby" books by Elyne Mitchell since I was a child, I wanted to paint a silver Gypsy Cob with this background - a magnificent ivory silver stallion appearing out of the mist, enveloped in a soft aura & followed by a trail of faerie lights as his hooves float over the soft earth. One of the shafts of light make him appear as a vision of a Unicorn.  You decide which.......                                                  



                                                    GYPSY  DREAMS             

                                                     Through dawn's soft mist

                                                      the early light

                                                      brings golden glowing beams

                                                      A vision forms

                                                     of holy might,

                                                      A horse of silver dreams


                                                      So softly does he track the earth

                                                     'cross morning's dew drenched grass

                                                      And in his wake, the faerie lights

                                                     shine - where his hooves do pass


                                                     A piercing ray

                                                     breaks through the trees,

                                                     shaped like a glowing horn,

                                                     springs from his noble forehead proud -

                                                     white Gypsy horse,

                                                     or mystic Unicorn?                  (Text by Louise Green 2010)

GYPSY  FIRE - pastel 50cm x 70cm 2010


                                                    GYPSY  FIRE

                                           Where poppies bloom in full day sun

                                                          Buds reaching for the light

                                                          A jet black Gypsy horse does run

                                                          With mane and tail of white


                                                         The flowers cast their scarlet hue

                                                         His black coat red with fire

                                                         He runs beneath the sky so blue

                                                         A proudly muscled sire


                                                         Through ages past his breed long gone

                                                         Just one horse left behind

                                                        And in his blood, his race lives on

                                                        The last one of his kind                (Text by Louise Green 2011)


This poem is based on an ancient breed of horse that once existed in Tartary, known as the Karobolo breed. These horses had a black coat, white mane and tail and often white leg markings.  I have combined the colouring of this horse with an imaginary horse of my dreams as a child, bringing him to life as a special Gypsy horse.

TINA'S  MEADOW - pastel 70cm x 100cm 2011  Commission - SOLD


                                                       TINA'S  MEADOW

                                                           A horse as golden as the morn

                                                          trots proudly into sight

                                                          Where bluebells greet the pastel dawn

                                                           all dancing in the light


                                                           Past the old deserted shack

                                                           that stands so long forgotten

                                                           A cabin on the lonely track  

                                                           the boards and roof now rotten


                                                           A Gypsy mare and foal stand by

                                                           the little bay Welsh mare

                                                          Tall eucalyptus trees do sigh -

                                                           leaves fall without a care


                                                           A noble Friesian, black as night

                                                           here guards his precious herd

                                                           His piebald colt with colours bright

                                                           like morning's magpie bird


                                                           In Tina's meadow, full of grace

                                                           and beauty - wild and proud

                                                           A hidden, sheltered, secret place

                                                           It's magic like a shroud                (Text by Louise Green 2011)


This commission was a special request from my framer - combining the owners' bay Welsh mare & a few other elements such as an old hut, a palomino horse, along with 2 or 3 other horses of my choice and a field of blue flowers, set against an early morning backdrop.

FIELD OF DREAMS - OSCAR - oils on stretched canvas 16" x 20" 2014.  Commission SOLD

 Reference photos by the artist. Oscar is a Thoroughbred gelding.

BROWN VINTAGE - oils on linen 16" x 20" 2012  Commission - SOLD

   Reference photos by the artist. Australian Stock Horse stallion BROWN VINTAGE.

"GARRIDO"  ANDALUSIAN STALLION - acrylics on canvas 30" x 40" 2012



Thank you to Mylessa Nickelson for permission to paint her beautiful stallion "Garrido" from her photo.

ANDALUSIAN  SPIRIT - pastel 75cm x 54cm 1996



 *1ST People's Choice : NABIAC SHOW, NSW 1997

 *2ND Pastel or Watercolour : GLOUCESTER SHOW, NSW 1997

 *1ST Pastel Section :  CAMDEN HAVEN SHOW, NSW 1998


 * 1ST People's Choice : TAREE SHOW, NSW 1998

JUST  AS  SPLENDID - pastel 75cm x 54cm   Commission - SOLD



SEA HORSE - acrylics  51cm x 47cm 1995



 *HIGHLY COMMENDED Encouragement Section : WINGHAM SHOW, NSW 1995

BLAZING  SADDLES - coloured pencil  64cm x 51cm 1996



 *3RD Works on paper : WINGHAM SHOW, NSW 1999

 *EQUAL 1ST People's Choice : WINGHAM SHOW, NSW 1999

 *2ND Drawing Section : TAREE SHOW, NSW 1999

 *2ND Drawing Section : COMBOYNE SHOW, NSW 2000

 *Featured in  "TRAPPINGS OF THE HORSE"   Exhibition - Manning Regional Gallery, Taree NSW 1999 

WILD  PASTEL  PONIES  - pastel 23cm x 30cm 2011 SOLD




WIZZARD'S  MAGIC  GLADE - watercolour 7" x 10" 2011



ASHWOOD  SPECK  OF  GOLD  &  MONSVIEW  GOLD  CIDIUM  -  pastel 37cmx 54cm                                        Commission -  SOLD



TULLY - pastel 54cm x 75cm  Commission -  SOLD



GYPSY  COB - graphite pencil 25cm x 20cm 2010  SOLD



*1ST Drawing Section - WINGHAM SHOW, NSW 2010

KIRSTIE'S  HORSES - pastel 50cm x 70cm 2003                        Commission - SOLD                   



TOBIANO - pastel 75cm x 54cm 1999



 *HIGHLY COMMENDED Pastel or Drawing : TAREE SHOW, NSW 1999

 *1ST People's Choice : TAREE SHOW, NSW 1999

 *1ST People's Choice : CAMDEN HAVEN SHOW, NSW 2000

 *1ST People's Choice : WINGHAM SHOW, NSW 2000


 *Featured in  "TRAPPINGS OF THE HORSE"  Exhibition - Manning Regional Gallery, Taree NSW 1999

COLOUR'S  FANCY  THAT  &  COLOUR'S  MISS  JESTER  -  coloured pencil  42cm x 59cm



STEVE & HIS STOCKHORSES  -  oils 24" x36" 2009             Commission - SOLD                                         



TWO  HEARTS  UP  'N'  OVER  -  pastel on matt board 44cm x 29cm 2009



DESERT  JOY - pastel 37cm x 54cm



BLUE  OVERO  SKY - pastel 37cm x 54cm 2000

 ORIGINAL NOT AVAILABLE - Donated to NSW Paint Horse Assn State Show, Dubbo 2000 - High Point 2 Yr Old Horse


TRINKET - pastel 40cm x 60cm  2009    Commission -  SOLD



EAST  MEETS  WEST - coloured pencil 42cm x 59cm 1997

ORIGINAL NOT AVAILABLE - Donated to Oxley Western Performance Horse Club as raffle prize.


DRAFT  HORSES:  OXLEY  ISLAND - pastel 37cm x 54cm 1996   SOLD


 *COMMENDED Pastel Section : TAREE SHOW, NSW 1996

 *2ND Works on paper : TAREE SHOW, NSW 1997

 *2ND Works on paper: WINGHAM SHOW, NSW 1997

WESTERN  BREEDS - coloured pencil 42cm x 59cm 1996

ORIGINAL NOT AVAILABLE - Donated to Oxley Western Performance Horse Club as raffle prize.


THE  BLUE  CHEVAL - oils  on canvas board 20" x 16"       SOLD



PYE - pastel 75cm x 54cm     Commission  -  SOLD