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                        "To-day I saw the dragon-fly  

                         Come from the wells where he did lie. 

                         An inner impulse rent the veil 

                         Of his old husk:  from head to tail 

                         Came out clear plates of sapphire mail.

                                 He dried his wings:  like gauze they grew;

                         Thro' crofts and pastures wet with dew

                          A living flash of light he flew."

                                                                Alfred Lord Tennyson

DRAGONFLY NOUVEAU - acrylics on stretched canvas 24" X 24" 2010



A LITTLE DRAGONFLY SPELL - watercolour, acrylics & pearlescent inks on watercolour paper 2012



DRAGONFLY ABSTRACT - acrylics, pearlescent ink & metallic oil pastel on canvas 16' x 48" 2010.  SOLD


BLUE SKIES, DRAGONFLIES & ROSES - acrylics on stretched canvas 24" x 36" 2010  SOLD



CELTIC DRAGONFLY - acrylics on stretched canvas 24" x 24" 2010 SOLD


DRAGONFLY miniatures - mixed media on canvas board. SOLD

A LITTLE DRAGONFLY MAGIC - pastel pencil 4" x 4" (miniature) 2008  SOLD


I LOVE DRAGONFLIES  Calendar 2013 now available.

Available for sale at or contact the artist. Price $30.00 ea plus postage. (AUD$) All images available as prints & cards. Also at


DRAGONFLY MAGIC IA - digital photo



DRAGONFLY MAGIC I - digital photo



 *1ST People's Choice Photography Award : UPPER LANSDOWNE SPRING FAIR 2007

DRAGONFLY MAGIC II - digital photo                                



 *1ST Animal Photograph : NABIAC SHOW, NSW 2008

 *2ND Animal Photograph : COMBOYNE SHOW, NSW 2009

 *HIGHLY COMMENDED : 2009 Photo Competition - "OUR GARDENS" Magazine Issue 43 Summer 2009/2010




 *HIGHLY COMMENDED Flower Photograph  :  NABIAC SHOW, NSW 2008

 *3RD Flower or Garden Photograph  :  BURRELL CREEK FLOWER SHOW, NSW 2008

 *2ND Flower or Garden Photograph  :  TAREE SHOW, NSW 2008 

 *HIGHLY COMMENDED Flower Photograph  :  COMBOYNE SHOW, NSW 2009

GOLD DRAGONFLY  -  digital photo